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Introduction of NDS 2023.11.20

HS Field Game

There were high school field games on October 25 and 26.

Preliminary rounds were held on the 25th and finals on the 26th.

The winning team was from the first year of high school.

In the field games, about 40 students per class are divided into five teams and play volleyball as a team. They practice in physical education class for about a month in advance. Just before the tournament, some teams practiced  in the morning or during lunch break.

Usually the tournament is held in very cold weather, but this year the weather was sunny and very warm and pleasant. Some of the teams that had lost in the tournament matches were seen enjoying playing volleyball with their teachers.

The final  game of the tournament was between the teams of the first grade and the third grade. There were many people watching. It was a close game, and the winner was the team of the first grade. Everyone applauded at the end of the game.

Which team will win next year’s field game? I am looking forward to it!