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Introduction of NDS 2024.06.13

高校ESS Blog ~June~

How many sister schools do you think there are in the world?
The answer is 120! One of them is Naga High School in the Philippines.
Some students of our school are now host families of Naga High School students.
And today, we welcomed them by holding an exchange meeting and enjoyed communicating with them.

On the 3rd of June, the first year students of the High School interacted with the students of the Naga High School in the Philippines. The Naga students introduced themselves in Japanese and showed us a popular dance of the Philippines. We were glad they practiced them for today.

After watching their performances, we played a “True and False Game”.
The students who were hosting the exchange meeting asked some questions about Japan and the Philippines.
It was a lot of fun because we got new knowledge not only about the Philippines but also about Japan.

This summer, some students will go to Naga High School.
I would like to continue to interact with the students of Naga High School through a variety of activities.