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Introduction of NDS 2024.05.31

高校ESS Blog ~May~

高Ⅱ(The Second Grade)
On May 27, the students of Norte Dame Seishin High School went on an excursion. We, the 2nd grade, went to the Central Forest Park and enjoyed a barbecue. Each member of a group brought her own ingredients, and we cooked our favorite dishes.
Although we struggled to make a fire and it took a while, we started with yakiniku, yakisoba, cheese fondue, popcorn, and even fruit punch.
I was surprised that so many delicious foods could be made outside.
They tasted much better than usual because we worked together in the outdoors.
After that, as a class activity, we, the D class, played “tag” and “Daruma-san tumbled”, which is another kind of running activity. Our teachers joined us as well, which made it really fun. It was a great time to have a barbecue on the field trip!


高Ⅰ(The First Grade)
We went on a school trip. The first-year high school students went to the Bihoku Hills Park. There are many beautiful flowers, a big pond, a lot of playground equipment, etc. We were divided into groups of five or six and did things together. At lunchtime, we ate bentos on the lawn. Eating with friends outside was very nice. After that, we played tag with the class. We ran a lot. I got exhausted but exercising made me refreshed, which was fun. What I enjoyed most was going sledding on the grass.
Though it was a little scary, it was thrilling and enjoyable.
I would like to go there again.