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Nine students and two teachers came to our school from June 27th to 28th from Academy of Notre Dame, Philadelphia, America. It is one of our sister schools in the world. They had a good time at our school.



The Climbing Competition

We entered the climbing competition around Mt. Hiba from June 1st to June 2nd. At the competition, we have time racing, tests about weather, first aid, and the nature around Mt. Hiba, the construction of a tent, reading of a map, and so on.
We have practiced hard for this competition for about two years, so we challenged it with the feeling to enjoy. We enjoyed it, and we won the first prize! Our efforts bore fruit!



School Festival(3)

In our school, Seishin, NDA committee does many activities. In NDA committee, we

donate money to support children allover the world who are suffering from poverty. この記事の続きを読む

On June 9, the Broadcasting Club took part in the national convention of broadcasting in Hiroshima. この記事の続きを読む

On June 2, the Karuta Club took part in the competition of the Chugoku district. この記事の続きを読む

Last week, swimming class in P.E. started. この記事の続きを読む

I will introduce the foods of Manmaru, this year’s school festival. There were many delicious foods. この記事の続きを読む

On June 3, Mr. Go visited our school from the University of Singapore. He talked about the school system and the many cultures of his country.



School Festival

The theme of this year’s school festival was




The first test

We had the first test on May 17 and 18. We had no Club activities during the tests. So many students were studying hard after school. Could we make efforts? Whether the results are good, or  bad, we must review the tests. この記事の続きを読む