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2021.5.7diaryIntroducing our schoolNDS



Tomorrow is St.Julie’s day, isn’t it? Today I will introduce her a little. この記事の続きを読む

Notre Dame Seishin Junior and Senior high School was temporarily closed because of the COVID-19 Pandemic from February to April 2020. Even after the temporary school closure, for a while, school events were canceled or held online, without gathering. この記事の続きを読む



The first-year high school students went to Asa zoo on an excursion. この記事の続きを読む

2021.4.20diaryIntroducing our school

Greetings of the new members of student council

Greetings of the new members of student council.


I became president of the student council this year.

This year, we will strengthen our cooperation with the committee and reflect many opinions by using “suggestion box”. Also, I want to realize a school where many students would like to go.

I’m looking forward to working with you for a year.   (K・R)


I am the vice president of student council.

I would like to work hard on student organization activities so that students will say, ”This is a student organization that I can consult with”. So, we will listen carefully to the opinions and concerns of our students and provide as many solutions as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.  (A・K)


I became the vice president of student council.

My motto is “Keep looking, don’t settle”. So, I will keep looking what is the best way to make school life better, and to support the president of school council without settling.

And I won’t decide my limitations. I will always try everything.

I ask for your cooperation this year. (A・M)


Please look forward to our blog being updated!

Hello, every one! In Japan, it is spring and it is the time to finish each grade and turn to next term. How were the days of the 2020 academic year for you? For every one, this year was not easy: wearing masks all the time, no talking during lunch time, no events such as our school festival and sports festival, and so on. However, we can realize what a blessing it is to just spend the normal days with friends and teachers at school. Still there are a lot of struggles in front of us, but we have already learned how to enjoy these difficult days, right? So let’s enjoy the academic 2021 year! Please stay safe. We hope for your happiness! And we appreciate all your supporting.

Please look forward to our blog being updated!



Today I would like to introduce a collection of comments from my home room teacher. この記事の続きを読む


Mandala Project

We have been working on Mandala Project, which is an international project with our sister school, Academy of Notre Dame in America. この記事の続きを読む

2021.1.27diaryIntroducing our school

The Campus Beautification Committee


We are Campus Beautification Committee. この記事の続きを読む

The junior high school entrance exam will be conducted on January 24th. この記事の続きを読む