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2020.10.2diaryIntroducing our school

The NDA committee

Hello, everyone. We are the NDA committee. Today, we will introduce our activities to you. この記事の続きを読む

2020.9.30diaryIntroducing our school

Open School on September 26th

An open school was held last Saturday, September 26th. この記事の続きを読む

2020.9.12diaryIntroducing our school

Activity of Beautification Committee in high school

Hello! We are Campus Beautification Committee. この記事の続きを読む

2020.9.10diaryIntroducing our school

The Manga Study Group

We are the members of the Comic Study Group in Notre Dame Seishin. We are currently planning to produce manga for public relations. この記事の続きを読む

2020.8.31diaryIntroducing our school

The Quiz Club

  Hello, everyone. We are the member of high school quiz club. この記事の続きを読む

2020.8.21diaryIntroducing our school

The High School Daily Life committee

Hello everyone. We are the High School Daily Life committee. この記事の続きを読む

I used to think that I would like to have fulfilling summer days this year by studying, participating in club activities and spending time with my friends. Especially, I wanted to have an enriching the summer vacation. この記事の続きを読む

2020.7.31diaryIntroducing our school

The Homeroom Committee

Hello everyone!
We are the high school sophomore homeroom committee.
The Homeroom Committee works to make the class easy to live in.
This time we interviewed our high school sophomore year group teacher. この記事の続きを読む

2020.7.29diaryIntroducing our school

Introduction of Election Administration Committee

We are in the election administration committee この記事の続きを読む



Hello, everyone.
July 7th is the Tanabata Day, as you know.
Orihime and Hikobosi can see each other once a year. It’s an important day. This time,
I’ll introduce you to the legend of Tanabata. この記事の続きを読む