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The Tohoku Earthquake disaster in 2011 off the Pacific coast occurred on March 11, 2011.
When we knew about the terrible damage, we were at a loss for words.

One day, we received a letter from a teacher from The Second Naruse Junior High School in Higashi Matsushima City in Miyagi Prefecture asking us if we could help them.

“We want kendamas for the children who were hurt by the earthquake to calm their feelings. We want workbooks and study aids for the children who lost teaching materials.” said the teacher.

We were very happy to know what we should do.

We gathered kendamas and study aids and sent them.


Since then, we began to have relation with Naruse Daini Junior High School.
In spring of 2013, Naruse Daini Junior High School merged with Naruse Daiichi Junior High School, and became Naruse Mirai Junior High School.
“Mirai” in Japanese means future.

In August, 2014, there was a large landslide in Hiroshima City where our school is.

Though the disaster occured far from our school, some of our students lost blood relatives.

The students of Naruse Mirai Junior High School heard the news about this disaster, so they wanted to do something for Hiroshima and they sent money that they had gathered from fund-raising.

We heard that although they had such a terrible experience and they are still working for their town destroyed by tsunami, they collected contributions on the street for Hiroshima.

This news moved us our school’s Library Committee.
They made a picture book about our two schools, Naruse Mirai Junior High School and Seishin Junior and Senior High School.

This book was named “Kiseki.”
The Japanese word “kiseki” means “miracle” and “the path that we have taken”.

God, may the “kiseki” between Naruse Mirai Junior High School and of our school continue forever.

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Hello! We are members of the School Festival Committee.
We are going to introduce our committee.
Our committee consists of about sixty members.
We meet every Tuesday.
Our major activity is preparing for our school festival which is held in May every year and we discuss the festival program which each club prepares.

We make a countdown chart on large paper just before the festival.

We are busy throughout the year, but we enjoy doing this activity.
We will do our best as a silent force behind the scenes to prepare everything to make the visitors happy.

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The Rainy Season

It is the rainy season in Japan now.
It rains every day and our mothers are irritated because the laundry can’t dry.
We are also irritated with the high humidity when we study in the school.

Next picture is “teruteru-bouzu.”

Teruteru-bouzu is a small doll made of paper or cloth, hung outside in hopes of fine weather.

We devise various ways in order to look at things to feel cool.
Decorations of flowers and snail have been decorated here and there in our school.

We hope that the rainy season will be over and summer will come soon.

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We are members of the Stringed Ensemble Club.
These are four kinds of stringed instruments in this club; violin, viola, cello and contrabass.

We usually do club activity only two days a week, but we become busy before our school festival and a music festival are held.
Now we instruct the junior high school first year students.

We have a close relationship among grade levels in the String Ensemble Club.

Please listen to our ensembles next February.

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A lot of loquat fruits have grown in our school.
The loquat tree is on our way to the entrance.

Our students eat them after washing them.
They look delicious!
A few days ago, there were many loquat fruits, but when I took these pictures this morning, there was only one left!!

There were many loquat fruit skins.
Who ate them?!

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Student Council (senior high school) and Seiyuu-kai (junior high school) plan to collaborate : we have called for the improvement of manners among students.

In the school year meetings and whole school meeting, we will convey the challenges and goals of the current situation, trying to enhance each other.

In the senior high school council, we receive the report of activities of each committee.
We recommend the approach that goes beyond the framework of the committee. Listen to the students’ opinion in the “Kikuzou (hearing elephant) BOX”, which is the Seishin version of a suggestion box, we hear to make our school better.

In addition, we participate in reconstruction assistance for the Great East Japan Earthquake.
We are also working on activities such as international exchange.

In the junior high school council, we recommend activities to improve the junior high school.
For example, we are working hard to encourage that pleasant greetings be exchanged in the school.
Also, the 3rd year students in council create the advice book, “Seishin Story,” for the new students.

Junior and senior high school councils together are creating the school introduction blog in English, we’re exchanging e-mails with a sister school overseas, the Notre Dame Virtual School.
We connect with the sister school in Massachusetts in USA through the intranet of NDVS.

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Today, we want to introduce our friends who helped us support our school festival.

They are “Clean-up Crew.”

Their work is to place garbage cans, to pick up a lot of waste, to sort the garbage, and to clean the toilets.

Without their work, we couldn’t really enjoy our school festival.

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The Budget Committee

We are the members of the Budget Committee.

We control the annual budget of the student council and a school festival.
We work with an electronic calculator in one hand every day.

Because it in concerned with money, we must not make mistakes.
Doing everything in a school needs the budget.
We play a very important role.

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The president of the student council of senior high school addressed the improvement of the manners in the student council assembly on May 28th.

This is her speech.

I want every student become aware that they are often bad manner, especially when on the way home from school. Under present conditions, we will be a cause of trouble with our neighbors. We need to get with a good impression on them about our school and ourselves. Let’s take actions!

The president who is a junior highs school student appealed in the unique way.

These are the pictures of her unique performance.
She made the short sentences by using “Aisatsu” and “Ohayou.”

A: Arikitarijanai
I : Itsumoto chigau asa
SA: Sah kimono
TSU: Tsutaenakya

Every morning is not the same. Let’s tell many people how wonderful the morning is!

O: Okina Koede
HA: Hakkirito
YO: Yoi aisatsu
U: Wake up!

Wake up by saying hello to people in loud and clear voice.

We discussed the budget for last year and thought it was used correctly.
And then we discussed the draft budget for this year. It was voted on.

This is the picture the secretariat is counting how many people agree.

If they agree with the bill, they raise their hands.
This is the picture of students who support the bill.

The bill was carried by a majority.

The secretariat has been preparing the draft budget all the year around.
Please use the budget effectively.

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“Ninomiya” is the mascot character of the Library Committee.

The name  “Ninomiya” is taken from the famous Japanese person Ninomiya Kinjiro.
He was a symbol of thrift and diligence.

She was selected by a vote from the candidates which many students thought about.

We want to have her play an active part at various places from now on.

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