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Strange Relay

On December 2nd, all the eleventh graders did some strange relay. この記事の続きを読む

We will introduce interesting pencil cases. この記事の続きを読む

Hello, everyone. It is getting colder day by day.

2020.11.25diaryIntroducing our school

The Career Lecture

There was a career lecture on November 19th. この記事の続きを読む

2020.11.18diaryIntroducing our school

The school cafeteria

Today, I’ll introduce our school cafeteria. この記事の続きを読む

2020.11.17diaryIntroducing our school

The first year high school secretariat

Hello everyone. We are the first year high school secretariat. この記事の続きを読む

2020.10.30diaryIntroducing our school

The school sports festival committee.

We are the school sports festival committee. この記事の続きを読む

2020.10.27diaryIntroducing our school

Book Olympics!! ~Library Committee~

Hello! We are the members of the Library Committee. この記事の続きを読む

2020.10.7diaryIntroducing our school

The school library

Hello! Today we would like to introduce our school library to you. この記事の続きを読む

2020.10.5diaryIntroducing our school

The NDA committee (Part 2)

Hello, everyone. We are the NDA committee. この記事の続きを読む