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- NDS 一覧 -

The earth science club

We usually make models of the islands and make a planetarium in earth science club.

We made a model of Awajishima and won a prize last year.

We are making a model of Yakushima now.

We want to complete it by a school festival of the next year, and so we cooperate together and do our best.


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The handicraft club

We belong to the junior high school section of the fancywork club. We bring material and make our favorite handiwork in order to exhibit it at the school festival.
Moreover, in May of 2014 we started working with the high school members making costumes for a set of statues in front of Nishi-Hiroshima station, “Zukkoke Sannin Gumi”. We are now making costumes for them for Halloween.
I hope that you will come and see the costumes at Nishi-Hiroshima station.
Thank you!


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The kendo club

Kendo is one of the traditional arts of Japan. We use bamboo swords “shinai” and protectors “bougu”.
Kendo is one-to-one martial art. But it isn’t merely to defeat the opponent.
There are currently an estimated 1.6 million kendo practitioners in Japan.
It is familiar to both young and old.


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The track and field club

Our track and field club has 20 members, and we have fun activities.
We usually practice in the ground or in the gym.
We strive for each member to set a personal best.
We practices all summer for a meet held at the end of August.


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The mountaineering club

This club is very exciting! We usually study maps on Mondays, and run around the school on Wednesdays to built up our strength. Climbing is very hard, but the scene which we can see at the top of a mountain is very beautiful.So we like climbing very much.

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We are the members of the Beautification Committee.
We have various duties.
Daily work:
・Wash the inside of the blackboard eraser cleaning machine.
・Water flowers
・Check the tools for cleaning; for example, if they have to be replaced and so on.
・Check if students clean our school properly.

・Decide who cleans where every month.

In our school, we have special cleaning to clean the entire school for a long time when we have school events.

The members of the Beautification Committee are unsung heroes.
We work in background without expecting any credit.

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The soft tennis club

We, 43 students, practice in our tennis courts on Mondays, Wednesdays,Thursdays, and Saturdays.

We intend to cooperate with our members of the team in making progress.

We always enjoy playing tennis so much.


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The ping pong club

Our club has thirty-five members.We practice four days a week.

The matches, which are held three times a year, give us good chances to do our best.The senior members coach their juniors kindly,so everybody makes their progress day by day.

We practice ping pong in a friendly and funny mood,but in earnest.

Our club is wonderful!


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The volleyball club

This club consists of seventeen students.
We have club activities 5days a week, Mon., Wed., Thurs., Sat. and Sun.

To get good results, we usually have strength trainings, drills and trial games with senior students.
Everyone does her best such as early morning practice.
We all are getting along very well and enjoy playing volleyball.


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The Homeroom Committee

The main work at HR Committee to take roll quickly at various events held in Seishin Junior and Senior High School, and get the number accurate number of people.

Moreover, to make a good class, it acts “Action one minute early” introduces it to one of the activities because it is.
It is an activity of calling to stand up one minute before the class beginning, and to put it in the class smoothly.

In addition, calling submission and the replace of the chalk, etc. are widely done.
It is a very challenging work.
There are two committee members in each class now.
It is a goal for the committee members involve the class in the activities.

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