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2022.2.1diaryIntroducing our school

Entrance examination day

Our junior high school entrance examination was held on January 23. この記事の続きを読む


Christmas Mass

It becomes colder and colder in Hiroshima. How about you?
On December 17th, we shad a Christmas Mass.
Christmas songs were beautiful and sacred. What Priest talked was very interesting. この記事の続きを読む


A nice place in Kagoshima

We went on a school trip to Kagoshima from November 1st to 3rd.
I visited many places, but I would like to introduce some of the most impressive ones. この記事の続きを読む

2021.12.10diaryIntroducing our school

First year high school students’ group project

On November 24th, first year high school students. Presented their group projects. They started in April this year. この記事の続きを読む

Winter vacation will be in one month. I`m looking forward to it. I have many things that I want to do. For example, I want to eat ‘’Jiro-Kei ramen’ ’noodles. They are very oily, but very delicious! They contain much garlic, so I can go to eat them only in the long vacation. この記事の続きを読む


Study tour

The students in the second year of own high school went on a study tour at the beginning of November. The destination was Kagoshima.
Originally, we were going to go to Okinawa, but the destination was hurriedly changed because the number of COVID-19 cases in Okinawa was higher than that in Hiroshima. The students were on the bullet train, hotel room assignments and making travel booklets. Everyone learned many things in various places such as Sakurajima and the Kagoshima city Aquarium.

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Sports festival vol.2

Hi! I’m a member of HR committee.

I did a grade activity the other day. The first year of high school danced Okinawa folk songs and played a long rope competition. In the long rope competition, there was also a class that jumped more than 700 times in a row in 10 minutes. In addition, Okinawa folk songs danced with the aim of making them look more beautiful. After the school year activities, I asked the members of the sports festival executive committee about their impressions. “It was very difficult to prepare because of the measures against infections diseases. I am glad that I was able to finish it safely and happily on the day.” Through this grade activity, the cohesiveness of the class became deeper.

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2021.11.21diaryIntroducing our school

Library topic

We’re library committee. We will introduce three activities.

First, we will resume introducing picture looks for children in November, which was suspended for some time due to the COVID-19 state of emergency. It will be held a square called “KOI PLACE”. Exactly, each library committee member selects one or more picture book and makes a pop to introduce the books and displays beside the picture books. Pops are replaced every month, so please take a book.

Second, we have an online exchange meeting with Seko Gakuin High School in Sizuoka. Prefective the activity began from “Inori no wa project”. We introduces each others school and locals with them.

Finally, ”Library Walk”. This project is a library version of “Inori no wa project”, which aims to create book or digital book that can see the charms and poplar books, and activities an outline of the protect to each school and planning the paper design.

We’re looking forward to your questions.
That’s all, thank you for reading.

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I interviewed my friends

Hello! I’m a Seishin student, and today I interviewed my friends and asked them “What is your recent news?” この記事の続きを読む

2021.11.20diaryIntroducing our school

Instead of a school sports festival

Hello. I’m a member of a school sports festival committee. Junior high school students had activities in their grades on September 22nd, and high school students on September 24th. It was held in a different way than usual, but I think all students were able to enjoy it. We, the second year of high school, tug of war. Strategy, preparation, practice … I think every class has become more united. I realized once again that it is interesting for everyone to work hard toward one thing.

In addition, we, a school sports festival committee, have been preparing for these two days for about half a year. I couldn’t do it under the name of a school sports festival, but I think I was able to demonstrate what we had prepared so far. Most of the things were difficult, but when it was over, it was a fun and quick time. I am grateful to my friends who have prepared so far together. I hope we can do it in the form of a school sports festival next year.


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