2022年05年07日 | diary

On April 28th, the second year high school students went on an excursion to Miyajima. We met at Miyajimaguchi in the morning.  After the roll call, we took the ferry there.

First, we went to Tsutsumigaura Park to do class activities.  It was a long mountain road, so we walked for 40 minutes.

By the time we arrived, we were already tired. We all played dodgeball and tag.

After that, we ate lunch in groups.

In the afternoon, we were allowed to take a walk in groups. Our group ate fried momijimanjyu. Some groups went to Itsukusima Shrine and others went to Miyajima Aquarium. There were also groups that made amulets. All the groups seemed to enjoy Miyajima in their own way.

Then as scheduled, we gathered at the pier and returned to Miyajimaguchi by ferry.

Since the excursion was so much fun, we regretted leaving Miyajima.

Please look forward to our blog being updated!