2022年04年27日 | diary

This time, we will introduce the spring activities of each of our club activities.

In March, I climbed mountains in Sakacho, one of the towns in Hiroshima, with my club members. The temperature was very cold like winter, but when I started climbing, my body warmed up and the temperature became comfortable. The view at the top was very beautiful, I could see the city of Hiroshima. In April, this view will be full of cherry blossoms, and I’m looking forward to seeing it.

The swimming club finally started swimming from spring break. I am very happy to swim in the pool that everyone in the swimming club cleaned. The water in the school pool is still cold, but the club members are practicing hard.

With the coming of spring, the new semester started, and we would like to work hard on various things, including club activities, with new goals.

This is a picture I took when I climbed a mountain.

Please look forward to our blog being updated!

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