2022年04年22日 | diary

We, 8thgrade students, went on a school trip to Kagoshima. We learned a lot in three days.

First, we went to “Flower Park”. It was March, so it wasn’t in full bloom. But, I felt as if we had become flowers. Next, we went to the Peace Memorial Hall. We were able to see the devastation caused by the war in Kagoshima, which was different from Hiroshima.

We took a boat for about four hours round trip and went to Tanegashima. We played at the beach, went to the Space Museum, saw the rocket launch site. We also went to the” Teppoukan”. ”Teppoukan” is where you can see the history of match lock guns and the world’s guns.

We were divided into groups with a global leader from Kagoshima and visited the area around Sakurajima. Making tofu… We had an interesting experience.

There were delicious local dishes and nice hotels. Even in the same class, we could get a long better with our class mates who usually don’t talk much. It was a very meaningful study trip.

Please look forward to our blog being updated!