2021年12年22日 | diary

It becomes colder and colder in Hiroshima. How about you?
On December 17th, we shad a Christmas Mass.
Christmas songs were beautiful and sacred. What Priest talked was very interesting.

Also, we saw third grade junior high school students’ Christmas Tableau .
The most impressed thing during Tableau is that everyone’s performance is supple and voice the voice of the actor was pretty.

Later, third grade high school students song Hallelujah Chorus whose meanings is “Praise the Lord” and their song was harmonious.

Finally, from 18th our winter vacation begins. Although we are assigned a lot of homework, we want to enjoy watching TV and eat delicious food such as cake and chicken, having a good time with family to relax so on after having our homework done soon.

Merry Christmas and have a great year!

Please look forward to our blog being updated!

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