2021年11年20日 | diary

Hello! I’m a Seishin student, and today I interviewed my friends and asked them “What is your recent news?”

One student said, “The Sports Festival was held two weeks ago.” Needless to say, I knew that because I took part in it too but the festival might be such a precious experience for her that she told me it as her news.

Another said” I liked the skirt a teacher was wearing yesterday. It looked like it was made from tape.” Another told me that she had cut her front bangs. I was happy to hear their stories.

Still another student told me that her news is that she has become able to enjoy her “leisure as leisure.” What does that mean? In my opinion, we students always feel busy with studying, so we might have been missing our valuable opportunities to rest. Now, there is room for reconsidering how to spend our time. It is said that “The duty of a student is to study.” But we have a right to rest without worrying about our tasks. Historically, human rights were sometimes taken away by politicians.

Considering this fact, we need to participate in the electoral process and protect our rights. We must educate ourselves about how elections work, so as to become active members of society.

I belong to the Election Administration Committee. Recently, we’ve been preparing a mock election that is an opportunity to learn how to vote when we come of age.
Let’s go to the election and enjoy our life!
Thanks for reading to the end 🙂

Please look forward to our blog being updated!

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