2021年11年20日 | diary

Hello. I’m a member of a school sports festival committee. Junior high school students had activities in their grades on September 22nd, and high school students on September 24th. It was held in a different way than usual, but I think all students were able to enjoy it. We, the second year of high school, tug of war. Strategy, preparation, practice … I think every class has become more united. I realized once again that it is interesting for everyone to work hard toward one thing.

In addition, we, a school sports festival committee, have been preparing for these two days for about half a year. I couldn’t do it under the name of a school sports festival, but I think I was able to demonstrate what we had prepared so far. Most of the things were difficult, but when it was over, it was a fun and quick time. I am grateful to my friends who have prepared so far together. I hope we can do it in the form of a school sports festival next year.


Please look forward to our blog being updated!

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