2021年09年24日 | diary

Hi! I’m a member of chorus club!

This summer, we joined two chorus club competitions and got the silver medal in each of them. Besides, in one of them, we got the entry qualification to the Chugoku area competition!
This year some events were cancelled because of the COVID-19 and the bad weather. We felt frustrated and sad. So, now we are very grateful for giving us an opportunity to sing and glad to get such a good result.

There are 10 members in our club this year. The number is few, but since that each of them sings hard and we can sing powerfully. What is more, we are connected with stronger ties than any other club in Seishin ! We all love singing very much !!

This autumn we will participate in one more competition. We will continue to practice singing, while taking measure against the COVID-19. We would be happy if you give us your cheers !!

Thank you for reading !

Please look forward to our blog being updated!

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