2021年07年17日 | diary

Do you know competitive karuta? It’s that can be enjoyed everyone from children too the elderly as they fight over 50cards. And it’s called “fighting on tatami” because the players need to be both physically and mentally strong. This time, I’d like to introduce you to the Classical Literature Research club, where the members play competitive karuta. The Classical Literature Research club is called “koteken” by the students. They gather to practice karuta three times a week and have a morning practice, too.

To briefly explain the rules, players first remember the position of fifty cards for only fifteen minutes. Then the games starts. As soon as the introductory part of the poem is read by the reciter, the players try to take the card that matches with the poem read by the reciter.

Recently, I’ve been practicing for a national karuta tournament. I need a lot of practice, but I’ll be very happy if I can get the cards quickly.

In the Seishin’s library, you can find a series of manga called “Chihayafuru.” The story is about three children who deepen their bond through competitive karuta. “Chihayafuru” has also been made into a movie.

Please look forward to our blog being updated!

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