2021年05年15日 | diary


 The other day, May8, was St.Julies Day.

 We took sufficient measures against the COVID-19 and held a Mass.
Through this Mass, I was able to learn what Jesus meant by “becoming a neighbor” and it was a very good experience. I also realized that living for love is wonderful from the way St.Julie lives. I strongly wanted to make use of what I learned on this day and to love others every day from now on.

 I made a yellow ribbon that is called a citrus ribbon. The citrus ribbon project is intended to prevent discrimination against COVIT-19 patients, their family and medical professionals. Put on the citrus ribbon that shows your feelings “I’m back” “Welcome back”.

 I watched a video about COVIT-19, which told me that people who are infected with COVIT-19 are suffering from heartless remarks. That is something that shouldn’t be. I hope that many people participate in the citrus ribbon project.

Please look forward to our blog being updated!