2021年04年30日 | diary

The first-year high school students went to Asa zoo on an excursion.

There are not only the usual animals like elephants and giraffes but also some uncommon ones like tapirs, water buffalo and Japanese giant salamanders!

 The events at “Mount Baboon” impressed me. While watching a lot of baboons there, I asked my friend, jokingly, which baboon she liked. Then, she answered with a serious face, “The one who walks with its hips higher than the others.” But then I couldn’t find the one she was pointing at, and since she had answered so earnestly. I laughed about it a little, happy that I had a seen a new side of my friend.

We also spent the time eating some snacks, having pleasant chats, and giving a quiz about the zoo.

Our group was very tired from walking, but our fatigue was forgotten soon because we had made so many good memories!

Please look forward to our blog being updated!