2020年08年31日 | diary

  Hello, everyone. We are the member of high school quiz club.

This time, I have written a blog to let you know about our activities.

The 11 members of the high school quiz club are having fun twice a week during the lunch break. The main activity is to give our questions that everyone brought together and answer in a high speed format. The fun of the quiz is that as we repeat the questions a member of times, the number of questions that can be answered correctly gradually increases, and we see that can expand our knowledge.

 “This is a club I made to share the fun of doing quizzes with my friends. If you are interested in quizzes, please come in.” said leader of the quiz club.

 The fun part of quiz is that you need not only knowledge but also inspiration. Would you like to be a member of our quiz club, which has a friendly atmosphere ?

Please look forward to our blog being updated!