2020年07年31日 | diary

Hello everyone!
We are the high school sophomore homeroom committee.
The Homeroom Committee works to make the class easy to live in.
This time we interviewed our high school sophomore year group teacher.

The senior high school sophomore year leader is Ms. Ashida.
She is a Japanese history teacher. She prepares a lot of handouts and materials for each class, so it is very easy to understand, but the test range is very wide.


Q1. What is the most memorable event in this school?
A1. I was warned by a student to make any action five minutes earlier.

Q2. How do you do to keep your hair so beautiful?
A2. I never dye my hair. By the way, I buy my shampoo in bulk for six months.

Q3. Do you have anything to say about Seishin?
A3. The hill is too long and hard.

Q4. What would you like to say to everyone?
A4. It’s tough because of coronavirus, but think about what you can do in this situation. Learn a lot from your teachers so that you can play an active role in society.


High School 2A’s homeroom teacher is Mr. Kubo.
He is an English teacher. His classes are interesting and motivating.

Q1. How old are you?
A1. I’m 2.5 times as old as you. I’m as old as the Southern All Stars (a popular Japanese music band).

Q2. What is your favorite food?
A2. My favorite food are the vegetables and fruits which I grow in my garden. I grow eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and so on.

Q3. What is your favorite place in Notre Dame Seishin?
A3. My favorite place in Notre Dame Seishin is the old auditorium in Cuvilly Hall. This place reminds me of the drama club. When I go there, I feel the passion the students in the drama club have and I also enjoy creating the stage set.

Q4. What are the good points about the students in Notre Dame Seishin and the students in your class?
A4. Lots of students in Seishin High School are hardworking. They work hard for studying, club activities, and annual events like the School Festival, Sports Day, Art Festival and so on. Also, there are a lot of unique students. It seems that they enjoy learning things from different people and learn a lot of things from each other. That’s a great point about our students.

Q5. What is your personal motto?
A5. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
by Mahatma Gandhi


High School 2B’s homeroom teacher is Mr. Fujitani.
He is a Japanese teacher. He has had a lot of experiences.

Q1. What is the most memorable event in this school.
A1. Prayer time.

Q2. Please tell us about your life.
A2. I have not died yet…my career is Travel industry→Teacher→Priest

Q3. Please give us a few words.
A3. Your friends who you have spent 6 years with you are special. There will be some chance to meet again in the future after Seishin, even if you do not know them well now. Please hold dear your human relationships.


High School 2C’s homeroom teacher is Mr. Ohira.
He is a math teacher. He is very gentle.

Q1. What are your favorite things?
A1. My favorite is Doraemon and ice cream. Especially I like melon sorbet.

Q2. What do you do on your days off?
A2. I am out at the park with my kids.

Q3. What has been your most memorable event in Seishin?
A3. That some students were using Indian ink and brushes to take notes in class.

Q4. What would you like to say to everyone?
A4. We have a lot of challenges ahead of us, but let’s work together for two more years!


High School 2D’s homeroom teacher is Mr. Yamasaki.
He is a math teacher. His story is interesting.

Q1. What is the most memorable event in this school?
A1. Though Seishin was an all-girls school, there are some cool teachers.

Q2. What do you enjoy playing with your children?
A2. Sumo.

Q3. What are your latest hobbies?
A3. Doing core training with my wife.

Q4. What would you like to say to everyone?
A4. Keep your heart warm and your head cool.


The assistant homeroom teacher is Ms. Kakuyama.
She is a science teacher. She often consults with her students.

Q1. Where is your favorite place in Seishin?
A1. Staff room. I like the window seat.

Q2. What do you like about Seishin students?
A2. It is the point that they are trying to be positive about their studies. I want to support them.

Q3. What is your most enjoyable memory of being a student?
A3. I did my best in my club activities.

Q4. Can you give us a sneak peek at your motto?
A4. Nothing comes of nothing.

Q5. What is the last thing you would like to say to our students?
A5. Please make the most of your long but short student life.

Thank you for reading. (^^)/~

Please look forward to our blog being updated!