2020年07年11日 | diary

Hello, everyone.
July 7th is the Tanabata Day, as you know.
Orihime and Hikobosi can see each other once a year. It’s an important day. This time,
I’ll introduce you to the legend of Tanabata.

Tanabata is based on the legendary meeting of two stars, Hikoboshi and Orihime, which are represented by Altair and Vega, respectively.
After his marriage to Orihime, Hikoboshi idled away and didn’t work. An angry god split Hikoboshi and Orihime apart from the two banks of the Milky Way.
However, the god permitted Hikoboshi and Orihime to reunite once a year on July 7. So Tanabata is held on that day every year, and it is said to be the day when lovers can reunite.

Originally, the Tanabata legend came from China. It is said to be a mixture of Chinese legend and events wishing for better sawing. It was brought by an envoy to Japan.
It’s a custom we share, but it seems like Japan and China celebrate differently. In Japan, people write their wishes on strips of paper, but, in China it’s like Valentine’s Day. The legend of Tanabata is also spreading in Brazil, where there are many people of Japanese descent.

Orihime and Hikobosi did not see each other this year, because it was raining. Look into Tanabata legend and you can see learn more about the history and culture of that country. Please check it out.

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