2020年07年03日 | diary


We are the Account Section of the student council.
We usually manage the budget of the student council.
It’s very hard,but it’s very fulfilling. 
The other day,we reported the financial results of last year’s annual budget and presented the annual budget proposal for the current year.
The staff created slides for many days,and went to the classroom to paste them out, read broadcast manuscripts,practiced,and prepared a lot.
In fact,it was full of trouble and I thought that we were still immature.
However,I was able to find mistakes and check with my teacher and always respond flexibly,and there were times when l felt happy for some reason.

From now on,we have a lot to teach as seniors to our juniors,so we will always think about it and take charge of the optimal secretariat, and on top of that,we will try to be able to do activities that serve as a sample of our Juniors.

Thank you for your attention.

Please look forward to our blog being updated!

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