2019年11年06日 | diary

Our school held a special event for our school 70th anniversary on November 1st.

In the morning we watched a presentation about life and held a memorial mass for members of our school community who had passed away the previous year. We learned about various problems of life.

In the afternoon we held the special event for our school 70th anniversary.

First, we looked back at the history of Seishin. Many photos of teachers that were taken when they themselves were students at Seishin were shown.

After that, we listened to a talk about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Our guest speaker was Ms. Kuniya Hiroko. She is famous as the announcer of “Close Up Gendai,” which is an NHK TV program.

Ms. Kuniya talked with students from our school and told us about the importance about SDGs. Students from each grade showed us what each grade was doing for SDGs. Ms. Kuniya’s talk, and what the students said, made everyone think deeply about SDGs.

We will continue to think about SDGs.

Please look forward to our blog being updated!