2019年09年27日 | diary

All Seishin students discussed the “SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)”, which are being discussed around the world, and to be achieved by 2030.

On August 29th, after our school Annual English Recitation Contest, it was determined which goal each grade would work on. 

This is how which grade works on which goal.  First, the president of the junior high school explained that each grade would work on one SDG.

Next, the different teachers of grade drew lots to decide which of the 17 goals each would be in charge of.

These are the results.

 7th grade →  “SDG-12 Responsible Consumption and Production”

 8th grade →  “SDG-14 Life Below Water”

 9th grade →  “SDG-4 Quality Education”

 10th grade → “SDG-6 Clean Water and Sanitation”

 11th grade → “SDG-15 Life on Land”

 12th grade → “SDG-18 ……?”

It was announced that the 10th, 11th and 12th grade students will make a presentation to be shown at the School Festival in each class about the theme “life.”

Everyone was excited while these themes were decided.  Each class is now going to think of specific initiatives on how to achieve each goal. Let’s take up the challenge and do things we can do for the future world!

Please look forward to our blog being updated.

清心SDGs ~全校生徒の取り組みスタート!~