2019年09年27日 | diary

Preparatory Committee members who raised their hands saying, “I want to do it!” are mainly preparing for the 70th anniversary of the founding of Notre Dame Seishin School. There were 36 volunteer members, from first year junior high school students to second year high school students. They have been discussing things since the first semester and planning what to do in the summer vacation. At the first preparatory committee meeting in the second semester, they prepared for class discussions.

The above photo is the goal of SDGs to be tackled by every grade. The 18th goal that does not exist in SDGs is our original goal. The icon was designed by the high school student council president.

What they wrote on the poster paper is the goal that was decided to address in their grade. This poster paper will be posted on the bulletin board and each students will write on sticky notes about what they investigated and thought of what they can do to achieve the goals.

Every students not only discusses about their goals but also has their own 70th anniversary booklet on which they keep individual records. The colors were selected to meet the color of their goals.

This is the imitation paper posted on the bulletin board. I’m looking forward to this imitation paper filled with sticky notes.

There is not imitation paper by the students of third year at high school. They are going to work on their goal differently from the students in the other grades.

The blog about the 70th anniversary of the founding will be continuously updated.

Please look forward to our blog being updated!