2019年06年11日 | diary

I will introduce the foods of Manmaru, this year’s school festival. There were many delicious foods.

Club and Committee

We sell cookies in Notre Dame Action Committee every year. There are many types of cookies: tea, sweet potato, Matcha, and so on. The staff of Momiji workshop are making them. The, Cooking Club sells cookies, too.


 At the café, you can eat curry and rice, and drink coffee, tea and cream soda. These are delicious, and also many students are there to welcome and serve you!!


 In front of the school entrance, many tents are built.  Here, they sell ice cream, juice and frankfurters. (frankfurters won’t be sold next year)… And, we can see other tents. They sell takoyaki (fried dumplings), fried noodles, ramen and udon. I ate takoyaki this year.  Those were so delicious, I ate two packs!

How about coming to our School Festival next year? We are looking forward to welcoming you with many delicious foods and with many games and performances!! Thanks for reading.

And… Please look forward to our blog being updated!!