2018年06年08日 | diary

Hello! We are the library committee. All members of the library committee always work in order for students to use the library comfortably.

Our usual work is lending books at the library, arranging the bookshelves and publishing a monthly information bulletin named “Library News”.

In June a secondhand book market is held in our library. We sell books, magazines, reference books, practice exercises for different subjects and so on. All the books are donated, and students can buy them at a low price.

November is Reading Month in our school. Students can get a paper on which a lottery number is written. At the end of November, the winning numbers are published. Students who have the paper of the winning number can get a prize. That is why the number of books borrowed in November is by far the largest in a year.

We are always planning more various activities to make students interested in borrowing a lot of books. For example we held a movie screening party last year. We will work energetically from now on!



 Please look forward to our blog being updated.