2017年10年30日 | diary

On October 21th, we went to “Chibitiri gama”.
It is a natural cave. In WWⅡ , many Okinawan
took refuse here and died. We listened to Ms.Higa
who tells storys about war in Okinawa and bases
Okinawa has. There are many bases in Okinawa
now. A noise helicopters make annoys the population.
We thought it was serious problem.
In the afternoon, we hervested sugar canes and made
sugar. It was so delicious! On 22th we went to the
Sakima museum. We saw the picture named “picture
of Okinawa war”. It was little scary but it moved us
so much. Then, we went to “National street”. We
bought a lot of souvenirs ate local dishes. It was so
fun. Through this trip, we thought about peace and
war many times. The more we learned, the more we
loved. We want to go Okinawa again!

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