2016年05年13日 | diary

On May 4th, I went to the 40th Hiroshima Flower Festival.


The subject of the festival was “The 40th year of joining the future with Flowers and Smiles.”

The Hiroshima Flower Festival (FF) is called “Festival of Movement” full of vitality, while the Peace Memorial ceremony, which is held on August 6th and we pray for the victims of the atomic bombing, is called “Ceremony of Silence.”




The FF is crowded with a lot of people every year.

In the evening, the candles with messages for lasting peace, and the big folded paper cranes were exhibited.



We learned about the tragedy of wars and the dignity of peace through Peace Studies classes at school.
However, after going back to the daily life, many people, including me forget about what we learned.
So, I think it’s necessary for us to recognize again the importance of protecting peace.

Though this festival keeps in mind the word of “Peace,” we can enjoy various events and also we can “Learn” and “Play,” so I think it’s a wonderful event which a wide range of ages can enjoy.
I’d like many people from all over the world to come and enjoy it!

The FF has had “Let’s share the excellence and dignity of living peacefully with all of the participants” as its slogan since the first year.
I hope it’ll continue permanently.

On August 6th, “PEACE CANDLES” which many candles are displayed around the Atomic Bomb Dome and pray for the victims of the wars, will be carried out.

How about visiting the Peace Memorial Park where is full of prayers and hope for world peace on August 6th?


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