2015年09年28日 | diary

Hello everyone! We’ll talk more about the IYCPF in this fourth blog. During the conference, we had many opportunity to learn about peace, especially the atomic bomb. We’ll describe visiting Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and listening to a victim’s experience of the atomic bomb.



○Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

On August 7 we, the participants of IYCPF visited the Peace Memorial Museum.   It wasn’t the first experienced to know about the atomic bomb for members of Hiroshima, because they have been studying about peace since they were elementary pupil. However, by visiting there and learning it again, we were able to have stronger thoughts for peace than before. Now, haw about members coming from other countries? We asked them.


Davids Wachiraya (Thailand)
Firstly when I entered the museum I felt depressed. I saw a lot of things that the war effected. How poor they are. I can’t explain. I think everything in there will remind us. In the future ,don’t do things like this.

↑We took a picture at the exit of peace memorial museum.


○A story of Keiko Ogura

Keiko Ogura, who was born on August 4th in 1937, is A-bomb victims. She has been speaking about her experience. She was exposed to radiation on the age of 8 at Ushita-cho. In 1981, she established a Hiroshima Interpreters for Peace . She has told her experience of the atomic bomb at the international conference in English.

You can read her story of the atomic bomb here http://www.pcf.city.hiroshima.jp/hpcf/heiwabunka/pcj178/Japanese/07J.html


It has been 70 years since the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and the average age of the surviving victims is over 80. How can their experiences be passed on to the next generation. We, the young people, are the last generation who can listen to the victims’ experiences directly. It makes us really feel that we must tell our children their memories.



We have to share opinions of peace, war, and so on and act positively. What ideas do you have about peace? Why don’t you make an opportunity to share ideas and then have deeper thoughts about peace.


Thank you for reading. In next blog, we’ll introduce about the days when we visited Miyajima and members’ homestay days.

Please look forward to our blog being updated.