2015年09年09日 | diary

Hello,everyone. We are students in the first grade of Seishin high school. We joined the conference, International Youth Conference for Peace in the Future , held by Hiroshima city council , this summer. We’ll introduce the activities and in six blogs we’ll explain how we felt during this conference.

First, we explain what IYCPF is. It is the venue where young people all over the world think about peace and share their opinions. They make friendships and deeply understand each other. This year is the 70th anniversary of the end of WWⅡ. So, 71 young people from 23 cities in 20 countries took part in this conference. This was the largest number of participants than even before.

In the next blog, we’ll introduce Peace Memorial Ceremony, peace movement, and opening ceremony. Thank you for reading!

Please look forward to our blog being updated.