On September 13th, a sports festival was held at Green Arena. High school students competed in the morning and junior high school students in the afternoon to prevent infection.

Our second years high school students did tug-of-war and group action.

In was tug-of-war, every class was a close race, so it was fun to compete and cheer for other classes.

In group action, we performed in grades and in classes. Each class wore a class T-shirt

which gave us a sense of unity. It was difficult to walk in line because of the large number of people, but we were able to walk beautifully in the actual performance and we got the good results of practicing hard.

At this sports festival, my classmates from the executive committee led us all. Thanks to them, it became the best sports festival.

This year, junior high and high school students were separated, but I would like to have a sports festival together next year.

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