Nature of Seishin

We are going to introduce the natural surroundings of our school today.

First , about the trees.
When You finish walking up Daikon Slope , you can see a Cancer Tree which has seeds like that of bananas’.
Their seeds and roots have anti cancer effect and anti leukemia effect.
They are rare , so it was most likely planted by someone on purpose.

The next we’ll to introduce the “Soushidori”.
“Soushidori” is a member of the sparrow family with a body length of about 15cm.
They have brightly colored wings and sing with a beautiful voice.
However, since it is designated as an alien species, it is prohibited to keep or capture it.

How did you like it? I could only introduce a few of them this time, but there are many creatures and plants in Seishin, so please look for them.

Please look forward to our blog being updated!