We are the soft tennis club. We play on Monday,Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday. On Saturday,we play a game after practice. We plan training routine by ourselves to prepare for a game and do our best together.


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Our club is active four times a week. We practice very hard, taught by coach, who is not free from our school, she is both kind and strict. As a result many club members were able to win the prize at the competitions. In summer vacation, we have a training camp at our school for three days. We all make efforts to get better results.


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We are the Classical Guitar Club The number of the members is the largest in our school. We play the guitar almost every day. Now ,we are practicing hard for the National Guitar and Mandolin Festival which will be held during summer vacation. The feature of our club is to change the part of each song we perform. The practice is very hard, but we all enjoy playing the guitar. DSC_0190

We are the basketball club. We practice four times a week. Compared with any other them,our practice times are few,but we do everything that we can in order to win the game.


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Hello! My university is in Tokyo and I’m studying about law. I have many good experiences in Seishin. One of the best experiences was the trip to Okinawa. I studied many things about the battle in Okinawa. I think that making the world peace is very important as a person who was   born in Hiroshima.Thus, I have such an exellent experience in Seishin. You will have many good experiences in Seishin,too!!                            from a graduate


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I’ll introduce the social studies club. In this club, we go on trips twice a year.
One is in spring, and another is in Summer. We can go to famous museums and interest-
ing sights. It’s very exciting because we can see famous objects with our own eyes.
In school, we can look through the things which we have interest in. It may seem plain,
but actually it is great fun, because the topic we look through is what we truly want to research. When we finish researching, we collect the things we looked through into one form individually, and share them with one another in the club. It’s fun to research where our own curiosity leads.


社会部2 社会部3

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We are mountain climbing club. We usually climb a mountain near our school and run around our school. Also, we have training camps in summer and winter. The training is hard, but we cannot forget that the view from top of the mountain is very beautiful. So we always enjoy climbing mountain.

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We debate about various topics.
The topic of this year’s competition is about Restrictions on Dismissal of workers.
We went to Okayama Hakuryo High School participate in practice in debates on June 11th. The competition will be held on July 16th and 17th. We hope to do our best to win the competition!!

DSCN0831  our necessaries

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We are members of the igo club. We have an activity once a week. Igo is one of Japanese traditional board games, which is played using white and black stones on a big board. The other day, we took part in a competition. We are by no means strong players, but we devoted all our energy to the game. This is because we love igo.


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We are newspaper club. We published school newspaper once in the end of the term. We make the wall newspaper called “ND times” from this year. It is small club activity, but we are friendly and enjoying activities. We want to make a newspaper having you be interested in students.

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