Sr. Kazuko Watanabe

Last winter, Sr. Kazuko Watanabe the Board Chairman of Sisters
of Notre Dame De Namur in Japan passed away. She was not only
a diligent and great sister but also a famous essayist. She wrote
17 books. Especially the book titled “Okaretabasyo de sakinasai”
which sold 2 million copies. It means “Bloom where God has planted
you”. The book encourages us and teaches us “meaningful of life”.
It is full of beautiful maxims and episodes. My favorit maxim is
“You can buy outside beauty but you can’t buy inside beauty”.
We have to raise our inside beauty all by ourselves. I want to
keep in mind to use elegant language and to be tackful. Sometimes
it can be difficult. I’ll be more careful.

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My favorite class is Japanese.
We read many Japanese text in this class.
Our teacher, Ms.N explains about many texts.
Her explanation is very interesting and easy to understand.
We take one kanji quiz a week.
So, we work on it very hard.
Thank you.

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We are the cooking club. We have an activity once a week. We mainly cook sweets and pasta. We cook many cupcakes during winter vacation in order to give them to people who come to the Christmas mass.

部活 調理部 1

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Hello! We are the drama club. The club meetings are held every Monday,
Thursday, and Saturday. I’m happy to do club activity because all the members
are on very good terms. Our main activity is to give a performance at the school
festival, and participate in a drama contest held every year. We performed
“Seven Club President”, which is a comedy, at the school festival this year.
We are practicing for the drama contest now.
Thank you for reading.


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Practice Election

We, the election administration committee, hold a mock ND mayoral election on
November 18th. The minimum age for the right to vote was lowered to 18 years
old last year, so we have to work on politics and elections seriously.
We fielded four imaginary candidates, and then, thought hard about election pledges and did a political broadcast. On the voting day, more people came to vote
than we had expected. The voting rate was 58.8%.

立候補者ポスター   模擬選挙1 模擬選挙2  模擬選挙

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Advent, when we prepare for Christmas, started on Monday in our school. A big Christmas tree was set up and students can decorate with star shaped paper, if they do good acts. Moreover, we will read the Bible, turn over dates on advent calendars, and adorn the school with handmade Christmas decoration during advent. Christmas is one of the most important events in our school. We will hold a Christmas Mass on December 15. We hope we will have a good Christmas this year.

クリスマスツリー    アドベント

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We are members of science club. We perform chemistry or physics experiments. For example,we do experiments with liquid nitrogen,about the light spectrum,and dry ice. We enjoy experiments with the members of our club. We will do the computer programming in the second trimester.

理化学部1  理化学部2 理化学部3

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We are the sign language club. We are studying sign language for a licensing examination.
We have an exchange meeting with school for the deaf and we enjoy talking with the students of that school.
And four members took part in a competition. We shared what we think about peace.
We are beginners at sign language, so we study harder than before.


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My favorite class is physics. We learned Newton’s equations, the wave nature, and so on. We sometimes experiment in class, and we can understand more deeply what we learned because of the experiment. I want to know about physics in more detail. It is very interesting for me.

英語ブログ 20170929 My Favorite Class 2物理

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We are the member of the. We enjoy our club every Monday. We all like English
very much. These are pictures taken when we were speaking with the students
from Academy of Notre Dame from Boston in America in June. It was a lot of fun.

写真 ESS1 2017.10.08   写真 ESS2 2017.10.08

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