We are the Catholic Study Society. We had a school trip on November 2nd and 3rd.
We visited the National Sanatorium in Nagashima ‘Aiseien’, where people with leprosy used to be sent forcibly.
We also went to Kurashiki which is in Okayama prefecture near Hiroshima.
On the first day, we went to the National Sanatorium in Nagashima ‘Aiseien’ and studied what happened there and about leprosy.

That night, we shared our feelings and discussed prejudice and discrimination.
It was a meaningful time.

The next day was for walking in Kurashiki’s Old Town. That area has very beautiful, old streets and houses, so we enjoyed it!

We want to make good use of such a great experience!
Thank you.

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Pipe Organ Concert

Our chorus club sang in Noborimachi-church last Sunday.
We sing every year there.
This year we sang with an organist and an oboist that came from France for us.


It was difficult to harmonize with each other.
An acoustics of the church was so beautiful that we were surprised ourselves.
We were glad that many people, including a sister from our school, came to listen to our songs.
We want to sing in Noborimachi-church next year!!

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The competition was held in Kure on October 25th.

The string club and the classic guitar club took part in it.
The string club played “Atom Hearts Club Quartet” composed by Yoshimatsu Takashi.

This music is a kind of rock and is so cool.
Actually, they had played it once at the school festival, but they could improve their own performance.
They enjoyed playing that day.

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Halloween is upon us.


These statues of three boys who are called “Zukkoke Sannin Gumi” stand in front of Nishi-Hiroshima station.
They are dressed in Halloween costumes now.
The costumes were made by members of the handicraft club in our school.
What pretty costumes these are!
They seem to say, “Trick or treat!”

We are really looking forward to the next costumes!
Happy Halloween♪

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The science club

The science club does experiments about physics and chemistry. In the first term, we did experiments about flame reaction, liquid nitrogen and so on.

We ourselves do research to find interesting experiments, then we plan them and do them. We sometimes collaborate with high school students. This club builds friendship across grade levels!


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The calligraphy club

We usually practice for a Shodo (calligraphy) contest.

We write on paper larger than normal Japanese writing paper and we write printed style characters, not only line style characters.

We do a Shodo performance for the club introduction event every spring.

And we will perform in the Nishikumin Festival in November. Please come to see our harmonious performance.


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The string music club

The string music club members play the violin, the viola, the cello or the contrabass. We practice on Monday and Saturday. Recently, some members played in the project “Nichibei no kakehashi”. We will practice for the Music Festival in February.


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The classical guitar club

We are the members of the classical guitar club. We are united in the nearly 100 staff. We always have fun activities. There are many types of guitars. We also have to practice sing the eight kinds of things. Activity day is usually Monday and Thursday, but will be busy before tournament and School festival.


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Sports Festival Part 3


The sports festival was held on September 17th.

Today’s post is about the third-year senior high school students’ performance.
They had a fancy-dress parade.
In this program, teachers disguise themselves as characters; this year they were Harry Potter, Professor McGonagall, Jibanyan, Maleficent, Hanaha-kun, Sazae-san, Rapunzel and Belle.

All the costumes were made by the students.

How nice they were!! Both students and teachers looked so happy.
And our audience was excited, too!!!

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The soft tennis club Part2

We are the soft tennis club.

Seniors who are 9th grade students retired this summer, so we 7th and 8th grade students have been active as a new team. There are 28 members. We have more members than any other club. All of the members are cheerful. We are having fun practicing for the games. Because the ground is under construction, we couldn’t use our tennis court since September.


We became able to use the tennis court since October 10!


We want to keep doing our best and enjoy practicing!!

Thank you.

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