April 16, Naga High School students came from the Philippines. Here they are making a presentation about their country with traditional dancing and singing in front of the first-year students. It was very exciting. After that our students introduced things about our school, Japanese food, sports, and idols and so on. I wish they had a nice time to make friendship. I hope they will enjoy their time in our school.





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Today the 1st-year junior high school students started their first full day of class.

Here they are in their English classes practicing pronunciation and self-introduction in English with their English teachers, Sr. Corripio and Mr. Mahood.  All paid close attention and made their best effort.  With such focus, they will learn quickly!

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Influenza was raging in our school a few weeks ago. Not only students but also teachers suffered from influenza. Owing to an epidemic of influenza, one of the first year classes was sent home.

There are some simple things you can do to prevent transmission of an influenza virus, for example wash your hands and gargle. Among such ways to protect you from disease, I think it is the most important thing to keep regular hours.

I want to be always careful to get exercise, eat a good meal, and take a good rest in order to stay healthy.

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Entrance Exam

Our school carried out the entrance exam on January 22.
Many elementary school students took the exam.
We prepared the exam, for example general cleaning.
About two hundreds students enter our school every year.
We are looking forward to seeing new students!!

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Welcome to Notre Dame Seishin!
Three members of the Sisters of Notre Dame Leadership team visited our school on January 12. They gave us messages. Sister Masheti spoke to us using our principal and other Sisters, so her story was easy for us to understand.
The contents of her story is about school life: to work together with others.
Her story impressed us. That was a chance to think about our school life and our friends.

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New Year’s Day

In Shogatsu, which means New Year’s Day in Japanese, Japanese people always eat “Osechi” and go to the New Year’s first visit to a shrine.

“Osechi” are special New Year’s dishes. Various kinds of beautiful dishes are set in four fired lacquer boxes. Each of the dishes has some auspicious meaning which reflects people’s several wishes, such as good health, happiness, long life and so on.

Many Japanese pay the New Year’s first visit to a shrine during the first three days of January in order to give thanks that we welcome the Happy New Year and make traditional New Year’s wishes for good health and happiness.

Therefore, “Shogatsu” is a very important day for Japanese people.


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On the third day of our school excursion to Okinawa, we visited Sakima museum and Chibichiri-gama in which people took refuge when bombs were dropped during the WWⅡ and heard about the Battle of Okinawa and the American military base in the morning.
At the night we learned about the crime and accidents from the American serviceperson at the hotel.

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In the afternoon, we divided into seven groups and learned through experiences.
One group made traditional food.
Other went to the sea in order to study about living things in Okinawa.


We learned culture and nature in Okinawa and the Battle of Okinawa.
On the final day of excursion in Okinawa, we went to Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Kokusai Street.

First, at Okinawa Prefectural Museum, we learned about the history and ecosystem of Okinawa.

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Next, on the Kokusai Street, we in some groups spent our time to visit where each wanted to go. We bought souvenirs for our family and friends, then we had lunch that you can eat only in Okinawa.

Through this trip, we were able to know well about the past and present of Okinawa.
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The Way of the Cross.

Jesus is Risen!

With these joyful words, the 7th grade students of ‘Katoken’ (Catholic Study Club) ended the play  about Jesus’  death and resurrection, The Way of the Cross.  They spent the year studying the bible passages in all four Gospels about this event, having  split into four groups to compose the script, each taking a separate scene, the Last Supper, the Trial, the Way of the Cross, and the Resurrection. They selected such famous scenes as Peter’s denial, Judas’ betrayal and remorse, and of course the intense interrogation by the high priest and by Pilot.  They also included the touching scenes when Jesus spoke to his mother and disciple from the cross, and when he surprised his Apostles after his Resurrection.

The performance was the climax of the year`s activities together.  It was a serious study of a key part of Catholic history.  Working together, the students created a play that can be used again and again.















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Sports Festival!! Part II

The sports festival was held on September 26th. Today, we tell you the performance of the 1st year students in the senior high school.

They danced “Ryukyu Dance”.


“Ryukyu” means Okinawa. They were dressed in Yukata, a Japanese traditional costume. When we watched them from our seats, their Yukata were colorful and beautiful.


Of course, their dance was wonderful!


We were able to make special memories!!

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Sports Festival!! Part I

We held a sports festival on September 26th.


Second-year senior high school students’ activities were “a tug of war” and “a costume parade”. They had a tug of war in the morning. Two teams pulled hard against each other with a rope. Then, the yellow team won a close game with the white team.


Next, they had a costume parade in the afternoon. The contents of performance were very exciting and easy to understand. The appearance of various costumes was really attractive, too. The performance was wonderful!

We made a happy memory.


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