Have you ever read “Japanese Manga”?
“Doraemon” “One peace” “Dragon Ball”・・・・・・etc.
Manga is important culture for young Japanese.
We Japanese really love manga!! Of cause we
have manga in our school library and many
students enjoy it in their free time. And the manga
in our library are connected to study : they are
about history, religion and famous novels. So we
can study easily and it’s fun. Now, I’ll introduce
some famous manga which have been translated
into English.
1. Asaki Yumemishi
This manga is taken from “Genji Monogatari”,
which is one of the oldest stories in Japan. You
can learn old Japanese culture and also enjoy
a romance story and beautiful pictures.
2. Black・Jack
The writer of this manga is Osamu Tezuka.
He is the greatest manga writer in Japan.
Black・Jack is a surgeon who has the hand
of god. The story of Black・Jack is a human

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