Spring Vacation 2

The spring vacation began on March 18th. Though it is during vacation some students come to school to do their club activities or receive supplementary lessons. Others come to school to prepare for our school festival in May. We enjoy what we do even though we come to school during vacation.


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Spring Vacation

Hello! I graduated one year ago from Seishin, and just came back from Akita for a meeting of my club. This is the first time to visit on new hall. It’s amazing! Wonderful! Beautiful! You should see it. Every time I come here after my graduation, I chat with my teachers. It’s a pleasant time, I like Seishin and I’m proud of my junior high and high school. I’ll be back. See you soon~


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On 19th, March, we had a junior high school graduation. The celemony was held in a solemn atmosphere. When my name was called and I received a graduation certificate. I really felt that I graduated from junior high school. Though almost everyone goes on to the same high school, I’ll start my high school days with new feelings. I’m looking forward to going to our school with blue collar and socks.

中学卒業式2    中学卒業式3

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Sign Language Lecture

First grade senior high school students attended a sign language lecture class. First we learned our own name from a person in the sign language group, and we took same quizzes. Then some students tried “being deaf” for 10 minutes by wearing earcovers, and we listened to a lecture. The phrase that left an impression on me is “It’s not a pitiable thing to have a handicap”.I learned a lot.

手話1  手話3 手話4   手話2 手話5   手話6

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HR of third-year students

On February 22nd we held a lecture meeting of future course.

At that time, we learned two important points.One is knowing

many kinds of jobs. By knowing about them, we’ll broaden our

horizons. If we don’t know about them, we can’t even choose.

The other is keeping on studying more than 30 minutes.

Our ability progress between 30 and 90 minutes since

beginning to study. By keeping that for one week, it can our habit.

Through the lecture meeting, I want to learn much more things.

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On February 22nd we first-year students had a long-distance relay road race. It is called ekiden in Japanese. The course which has ups and downs is very hard and specific to Seishin.
We could hear a lot of cheers from the school ground, from the first runner to the final runner. The good point of the Ekiden is cheering on each other whether the runner is good at running or not. Watching each student running hard for oneself and each team was very impressive. As well as watching the first-year students who didn’t give up in to even illness were shining.

駅伝1   駅伝3 駅伝4    駅伝5

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Every year on March 3rd in Japan, we celebrate Girls’ Festival. This Festival is to pray for the growth and health of young girls. We display some dolls which depict the imperial court in our homes. The dolls are so cute, so we look forward to seeing them every year.

おひなさま2   ひなまつりリース  おひなさま   菱餅甘酒


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March 1st, a graduation ceremony was held at Notre Dame Hall.

A lot of people, including the parents, were crying.

The president of Elizabeth Music University gave a splendid address.

We sang the song “light of firefly”.

We wish everyone of the students in our 63th graduation class will be successful.

卒業式1  卒業式3

卒業式4  卒業式5


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Art Exhibition

Our school held an art exhibition on February 18th.
We made our works of art from September to February.
Although it was very hard to prepare them, we did our
best. Each work of art which we made was wonderful.

DSC_0934_R   美展1 美展2   美展4

美展5   美展3

DSC_0930_R   DSC_0927_R

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Calligraphic Exhibition



書展1 書展2

We had 68th art and calligraphic exhibition on February 18.The art and calligraphic exhibition was held at the newly built Notre Dame Hall.The venue was flooded with lots of beautiful works and guests.For this day, students had prepared for this exhibition in art or calligraphy classes.In calligraphy classes for the first grade high school students, they “half-size paper”.I experienced it and realized that it takes so much time to make one piece of work.


書展7 書展4

書展8 書展6

Next year, I hope I can challenge making bigger pieces like the second grade high school students did.

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