Hello.I’m a first year student in high school, 16 years old.
I belong to a drama club.I will be performing a drama at
the school festival. I practice playing my role with othetr members.
This time, we can play it at a new auditorium which was built
recently. I feel so happy and I’m looking forward to performing
the drama on the new stage. The story that we will present is
about family love and bonds of sisters. I’ll play the role of a
second daughter, who is a girl trying to get out of juvenile
delinquency. I’ll try my best. If possible I’d like you to come to
see our play on May 27th, here in Japan!!
I like not only to play the role but also to work as a stage hand.
It is impossible to produce a drama without all club members’ efforts.
There are many roles; performer, director, stage manager, lighting
operator, sound crew, etc…
All club members engage in actively in the process of creating a drama.
I think that is one of the delights in the drama club. I love my club.
So I want to keep trying my best with club activities.
Thank you for reading.


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Music Festival

We held our music festival on February 17th.We had practiced songs for about a half year. This year,we held it in the new auditorium. I was very nervous before performing on the stage. But we could enjoy it and we could sing our best. This music festival will become our good memory‼


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The second-year high school students were assigned a problem in April last year. Its content was
representatives of each class with each other, to see which class would be able to have all of the students in the class pass the exam. Each representative called out to their classmates to pass the exam. Then, some people began studying for it and passed, and they called out to other classmates as well. In this way, we were able to raise the morale of our class.
In January, B class won this competition easily. The other classes reached their goal in February. B class is going to win an award. Passing the exam of all the second-year students is an unprecedented thing, and we were praised by our classical Chinese teacher!
金メダル授与式1   金メダル授与式2

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Japanese culture

We 2nd_years students learned Japanese culture.
Its program consists of sado,kado,zazen,and kitsuke.

茶道1  茶道2 華道  華道2
We chose one course from them, and were taught a lot of details about them.
I chose Zazen and Kitsuke.
First, I performed zazen.

At that time, I was taught about the meaning and elements of zazen.
My feet went numb, but I could notice fatigue that I don’t always notice.
It was a valuable time.
Second, I put on a kimono.

Folding up a kimono without winkling it is very difficult, but I could put on a kimono because our teacher was easy to understand.
By learning them, I had a good experience and spent a pleasant time.
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Blind Walk

On January 25th we experienced blind walk.
At first, we made pairs.
Then, one was blindfolded, the other supported her partner and they walked in our school.
The supported student held partner’s elbow, and told her information.
When I was blindfolded, I was afraid because I couldn’t see anything, but I could trust my partner.
Supporting my partner was very difficult. Because I had to tell a lot of details.
By this blind walk, I understood the feelings of the people with disabilities, and I thought it is important not only to put good equipment for the people with disabilities but also to have concept of the environment around them.

ブラインドウオーク1   ブラインドウオーク2 ブラインドウオーク3   ブラインドウオーク4

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February 3 was “Setsubun,” which is the day before the beginning of spring in Japan. On this day, a sardine head is impaled on a branch and it is decorated in the doorway in order to keep demons away because we wish for our happiness.
There is also “Mamemaki,” a custom of roasted soy beans thrown either out the door or at a member of the family wearing an Oni (demon or ogre) mask, while saying “Demons out! Luck in!”

In addition, there is also a custom of quietly eating uncut makizushi called “ehō-maki” while facing Eho, Eho is the direction that was determined to be lucky based on the twelve zodiac signs of the year on the way of Yin and Yang. This year’s lucky direction is south-southeast.


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New auditorium


The ceremony commemorating the completion of the auditorium was held February third. Students ,the people related to the school , builders, neighbors and so on attended this ceremony.
It took about four years to build this auditorium. We have seen the state of the building construction, we were so glad to enter the hall. This new building is called “Notre Dame Hall”. It consists of auditorium, lecture rooms, library and so on.
The ceremony was conducted solemnly. The Most Rev. Bishop Shirahama introduced an article. The high school student who wrote it said in this article “Nothing makes us happy but people.” So I would like to use this hall with thanks to many people related to the construction.

落成式2   落成式3 落成式4

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Hirata Cafeteria

here are a lot of delicious items on the menu of the “Hirata Cafeteria” of Seishin. This cafeteria is run by Mr. and Mrs. Hirata. The cafeteria is very popular, and there is a long line there during lunch break. Popular items on the menu are ramen, udon, and curry rice. There are also main dishes on the cafeteria menu, for example, fried chicken, pork cutlet so on. Some people add wakame rice or other side dishes and make it like a set meal. Fried tofu is an especially popular side dish. The tofu is crisp and seasoning is also delicious.

平田食堂1    平田食堂4

There are also limited-time items menu, for example, for summer and winter only. Some examples are hiyashi-chuka (Chilled Chinese noodles), steamed pork buns, steamed curry buns, and steamed pizza buns. These are also delicious.


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