Study Tour 2(Okinawa)

On October 21th, we went to “Chibitiri gama”.
It is a natural cave. In WWⅡ , many Okinawan
took refuse here and died. We listened to Ms.Higa
who tells storys about war in Okinawa and bases
Okinawa has. There are many bases in Okinawa
now. A noise helicopters make annoys the population.
We thought it was serious problem.
In the afternoon, we hervested sugar canes and made
sugar. It was so delicious! On 22th we went to the
Sakima museum. We saw the picture named “picture
of Okinawa war”. It was little scary but it moved us
so much. Then, we went to “National street”. We
bought a lot of souvenirs ate local dishes. It was so
fun. Through this trip, we thought about peace and
war many times. The more we learned, the more we
loved. We want to go Okinawa again!

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沖縄6  沖縄7



Study Tour 1(Okinawa)


We, the first grade in the high schoolwent to
Okinawa from October 18th to 21th.
On the first day we flew to Okinawa and went
to Shuri Castle. Shuri Castle was built in the
old Ryukyu dynasty. It was burned doun when
the Battle of Okinawa broke out in 1945, but
now it has been reconstrucred. It was beautiful
and magnificent so we could feel the great and
long history of the old Ryukyu dynasty.
On the second day, we went to natural cave which
Was used in the war. Many people fled from the
War into the cave, and lived there. There was a lot
Of cruel mass suicide in the cave. We listened to a
Lecture about the Battle of Okinawa, and walked
in the cave. We scared when we experienced in the
darkness, silence and coldness of the air. Listening
to the lecture, we found how terrible people’s lives
were and realized the horrors of war.

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We practice running on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. First we
practice basic trainings, and then practice another training that is relayed to
the individual events. We practice in large meets three times a year, and if we
win the competition, we can participate in prefectural meets.
We want to practice harder than ever, and we are eager to break our own personal

陸上部 写真1

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Athletic Festival 2

Each grade made various performances in front of a large audience. For example,
cheering competition, mass game, folk dance, and so on.
Our grade, first grade in the high school, performed “Minyou”, which are traditional dances in Okinawa. We wore “Yukata” and used wooden clappers, like castanets. Every grade could finish its performance successfully.

民踊1   民踊2

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We belong to High School Broadcasting in the club. There are ten members in the club.
We inform the time at eight twenty five, five thirty, and five fifty five, and when school events are held, we broadcast announcements. When clean our school, we put on some music for all students to clean school comfortably.


中学放送部発声練習 voice  training

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Morning Study Weeks

Nowadays, the member of students council and class representatives work together  to improve our learning environment. First, we set a time for students to study in a  quiet room a week before the tests, and we appeal for silence. Some students like  the time, but others don’t think that it is necessary. So we have to work for every students to improve our learning environment in different ways.


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Athletic Festival 1


The theme of our athletic festival this year is “Back To The Starting Point”.
This year, we held it on our playing field for the first time in three years. Each grade
had an event. For example, a tug of war, a bun-snatching race and a relay.
Our club, ESS, took part in a relay. We finished 3rd in the relay. It was rainy in the
afternoon, but we enjoyed the athletic festival.

パン食い a bun-snatching race

リレー1  a relay

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We are members of the table tennis club. We practice table tennis everyday in order to win the match. We bought an automatic table tennis machine recently, and we can do more effective practice. There are three types of table tennis matches: team competition, doubles, and individual matches. Our blog is advancing to the quarterfinals in the Hiroshima city match. We will do our best.

卓球部中学1   卓球部中学2


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We are the string orchestra club. We consists of violins, violas, cellos, and
contrabasses. Many of us began to play an instrument when we entered the club.
As senior students teach new students how to play, we can improve little by little.
We show guests how hard we have been practicing at our school festival and music
festival with all the string club orchestra members make a good performance.

弦楽部2    弦楽部3

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