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October 7th, the explanation of our school entrance
examination will be held in oue school. “Enjoying
classes and experiencing club activities”is popular
every year. There are 10 classes and club activities
and you can enjoy one of them. For example, “Let’s
be a Koto Player”, or “Let’s Learn about animals in
history” and so on. We, students in Notre Dame Seishin
Jonior and Senior High School students will teach
you kindly and so it will be easy to understand any
classes. We will also have “Seishin tour with students
in our school”, which is a tour to introduce our school
facilities and you can ask some questions.
説明会ポスター  清心ツアー


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We, second year of junior high school students, went on a study tour of climbing Mt.Daisen.
First day, we went to a theme park, and the penguins were friendly and so cute.
The second day, we climbed Mt.Daisen; it was the main event in our tour. It was so hard to go up and also go down the mountain, but I was satisfied with the greatest sense of fulfillment that I had ever felt. Furthermore, the scenery from the top of the mountain was magnificent, and it would be my treasure for life.
The third day, we went to Izumo shrine. The way of worship was different from other shrines, so I was surprised but that is a good learning experience for me.
Through the tour, our relationship as a class became stronger than before, and we learned how important to overcome the hardship from climbing the mountain. From this experiences, we want to try many things with cooperating with one another.

1500688771690  CIMG2309

IG008  15005788762201500580104349   IG025  1500593558212    1500595005806

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We are earth science club. In this club we make such things as a planetarium, 3D maps and dinosaur models. We are going to create a map of different countries in the world next. There are twenty people in our club. I hope it will get more fun with six new students in our club.


地学部3  地学部2



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Large Underwear

We are going to have our Annual Sports Festival on September 22. All of the students have been practicing very hard for the events they will be taking part in.

One of the events that is watched with great interest is the “Pan-kui kyousou
by the 10th grade students. The Sports Festival Planning Committee and Handicrafts Club made the “Large Underwear.” Two students wear it, one student each in one of the legs and run to the next spot where they take the underwear off. They then run to where pastries are hanging. The student who is on the back then tries to get one of the pastries with her mouth, and once she succeeds, they run to the goal.

手芸部体育祭1   手芸部体育祭2

デカパン  This is a picture of students in the “Large Underwear.”

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Hello! We are the biology club. 33 members make up this club. We have a hamster, many frogs and two turtles! We often do an experiment in club activities. We look after these animals every day in turn. The junior high school students play a central role in our club.

カメ2  turtles

カエル1  frogs

生物部6 生物部10   hamster

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Pictures of the Kumamoto Earthquake of 2016 were displayed for students to know
more about it. We students borrowed the pictures from the Asahi news company.
Many students looked at them, and learned about the horrors of earthquake, and
the importance mutual aid.


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We recently guided the students of Denenchofu Futaba elementary school around the peace park.
As we were guiding them, we remembered some things we knew and some feelings we had about the atomic bomb, which was a good experience.
At first, we were all nervous with each other, but on our way to the hotel from the peace park. We got to talk a lot and be friends.
I would like to continue doing such activities in the future.



5 The students of Denenchofu Futaba elementary school must have yellow umbrellas.

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We students made tapestries for displaying on the wall of the new auditorium. We joined each of our tapestries together to make a big one. These were made of wool. It was difficult to make them, but it was so fun. And we had a good experience.

タペストリー1   タペストリー2

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School trip(RINKAN GAKKO)

On July 20th, we went to RINKAN GAKKO for 3 days.
YURIA KAN, the place where we stayed, was surrounded
by mountains. Every mornig, the birds were singing. What
we remember most was the walk-rally. At the end of the
rally, we were exhausted. However we experienced new
kind of happiness.

image3 image5 image20 IMG_3849 IMG_3899 IMG_3850

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School trip(Nagasaki)


The third year junior high school students went to Nagasaki for
a school trip. Nagasaki is famous for the history of Japanese
Christians and an atomic-bomb.
The students studied about these things and pray for people who
were injured by A-bomb. The students had a great time and
learned a lot in Nagasaki.


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