We are mountain climbing club. We usually climb a mountain near our school and run around our school. Also, we have training camps in summer and winter. The training is hard, but we cannot forget that the view from top of the mountain is very beautiful. So we always enjoy climbing mountain.

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We debate about various topics.
The topic of this year’s competition is about Restrictions on Dismissal of workers.
We went to Okayama Hakuryo High School participate in practice in debates on June 11th. The competition will be held on July 16th and 17th. We hope to do our best to win the competition!!

DSCN0831  our necessaries

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We are members of the igo club. We have an activity once a week. Igo is one of Japanese traditional board games, which is played using white and black stones on a big board. The other day, we took part in a competition. We are by no means strong players, but we devoted all our energy to the game. This is because we love igo.


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We are newspaper club. We published school newspaper once in the end of the term. We make the wall newspaper called “ND times” from this year. It is small club activity, but we are friendly and enjoying activities. We want to make a newspaper having you be interested in students.

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Hello. We are Kotenbungakukenkyubu. It means classical literature research club. We play “Karuta”. “Karuta” is a popular card game based on the hyakunin isshu poems. Hyakunin isshu is a collection of 100 old Japanese waka poems, one each by 100 poets. Karuta plays one to one and we use 50 random cards and put 25 cards each on our positions on Tatami. Then, we scramble for 50 cards one at a time, when we hear the sentence the card is about end. If I take a card of opponent, I can send my card opponent from my position. In the end, I win when my position’s cards run out.
We are active three days a week and we participate in a national competition. The club members are cheerful beyond grade and are very friendly. I hope everyone can know about the merits of our club.

古典研究1    古典研究2

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We are the calligraphy club. Calligraphy is a creative art form which attempts to express spiritual depth and beauty by means of kanji and kana characters written with a brush and sumi (ink). All the Calligraphy members have good hand writing.

IMG_8340   IMG_8341

IMG_8435 IMG_8432 kanji  characters

IMG_8428   kanji and kana characters

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School Festival 6

There was a school festival last weekend. I introduced about food at the festival. There were many kinds of food in our festival. For example, ice-cream, yakisoba, noodle, bread and rice balls, and so on. Each of them was very cheap and delicious.

2017.6.11 学園祭6 写真1   2017.6.11 学園祭6 写真2

2017.6.11 学園祭6 写真3   2017.6.11 学園祭6 写真4

2017.6.11 学園祭6 写真5

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School Festival 5

2017.6.11 学園祭5 写真(3


Some of the students played as an ensemble and performed plays on the stage. These groups performed this year; Koto club, classical guitar club, chorus club, string music club, drama club, Kichihonshingeki and shunjukyosokyoku. All the performances were wonderful.

2017.6.11 学園祭5 写真(1   DSCF3998

2017.6.11 学園祭5 写真(2

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