School Festival 4

We held a school festival at our school. I will introduce the dances. Many groups of dancers performed. Their dances were wonderful. I got goose bumps. It moved my heart. They practiced very hard. A lot of their supporters came. They figured out the right fashion, so they we very cute. Please come to our school festival. Thanks for reading.

2017.6.11 学園祭4 写真 (1)

2017.6.11 学園祭4 写真 (2)

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This week the students from Notre Dame are visiting our school. They attended some classes with us and we interacted with each other. On June 22, we had a small welcome party after school. First, we introduced ourselves, and shared our hobbies and favorite things. Then we played some games to learn more about each other. The first game was a gesture game. It was so hard that we couldn’t correctly answer at once. The next game was a rhythm game. They also told us about American rhythm games. Last of all we discussed peace. We had a fulfilling and pleasant time! We wanted to talk with them much longer, so we reluctantly finished the party. I hope we have much more opportunities to communicate with foreign people in the future.

2017.6.22 アカデミーオブノートルダム 写真①

2017.6.22 アカデミーオブノートルダム 写真 (4) 2017.6.22 アカデミーオブノートルダム 写真 (2)

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School Festival 3

I’ll talk about our school festival, especially the bands. Our school festival has many bands. But the bands mustn’t use electric guitar or drums. This is different point with other school festivals. So the bands use acoustic guitars and keyboards and the keyboard’s drums. The bands are very wonderful, so many people come.
Please come to our school festival next year!

2017.6.11 学園祭3 写真 (1) 2017.6.11 学園祭3 写真 (2)

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School Festival 2

Hello. This time we’ll introduce the swimming club in our School Festival. You could do physical fitness tests there. For example, how flexible you are, lung capacity, grip, and biological clock.
You could get points according to your strength. And you are given a prize by the points.
The arch with balloons is a guide to the room. There is the word “SWIM” on the floor in front of the room. The swimming club is very popular. Please come in.

2017.6.11 学園祭2 写真 1 2017.6.11 学園祭2 写真 2 2017.6.11 学園祭2 写真 3


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School Festival 1

2017.6.11 学園祭1①写真

We held the school festival on May 27, 28. The festival’s theme was “Revolution” which means something different from before. So we prepared the program for success of this, and the members of the school executive committee played a central role. Programs were, for example, school bands, haunted house and so on. We prepared with joy!

2017.6.11 学園祭1③写真     2017.6.11 学園祭1②写真



Rakugo and paper cutting

2017.6.9 芸能鑑賞 内容①写真

On June 8, we enjoyed Rakugo, which is one of the Japanese traditional comic stories, and paper cutting. Rakugo’s roots date back to the 16th century and it became popular in the 19th century. One performer dresses in a kimono, and while telling the story he can only use a folding fan and towel as props. The performer tells us a story by himself, so he needs to act every character who appears in the story alone. So the performer changes his voices, gestures or facial expressions to show each character.
That day, we heard several stories which were “Time-Noodles” and “Hatsu Tenjin” and so on. Also paper cutting was awesome! The performer cut paper at once into many interesting shapes, for example a running horse ridden a boy on its back and a girl playing with a sparkler and so on.

2017.6.9 芸能鑑賞 内容①写真     2017.6.9 芸能鑑賞 内容③写真

IMG_8489        IMG_8492


Sports Festival Executive Committee

In committee meeting, we talk about the theme of our sports day, changes of competitions, and so on. the members of the committee of each year decide relay’s members, think of and teach the choreography of every grade’s performance, and so on. We become leaders, and try our best to make our sports day a success.


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Library Committee

Hello. We are the library committee. All members of the library committee work hard to make our library more comfortable and easier to use. Our usual work is lending books on the bookshelves, cleaning the library, and making POP displays.




In June, a secondhand book market is held in our library. We sell books, magazines, workbooks, and so on. They are secondhand. The proceeds are given to charity.


November is Reading Month in our school. On each paper that we give where the due date for a borrowed book is written. We also write a lottery number between 1 and 3000 in November. Students can get one lottery by borrowing one book. Winning numbers are published at the end of November. When the student has the paper of winning number, she can get a gift. The number of the books borrowed in November is by far the largest in the year.


We are always planning more activities to make more students attracted to borrowing books.


This weekend, our school has a School Festival for two days. Our committee is taking part in this. We will have many displays. If you come to our School Festival, you should come to our library!



This is the view from the library.


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On May 29, about sixty of us went to ASTERPLAZA and enjoyed Noh and Kyougen, which is one of the oldest traditional arts of Japan. It began in the Muromachi period (1333-1573 CE).

ASTERPLAZA has a magnificent stage for Noh and Kyogen, and the pine tree drawn in front of the stage is impressive. Stages for Noh and Kyogen have their own roofs. Look at the picture.  We heard that it is because Noh and Kyogen were originally played outdoors.

As Noh and Kyogen are played in the old Japanese language, we had worried if we would understand it. However, we were able to enjoy it more than we had expected.


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