The Secretariat

The Secretariat has a smaller number of people than other committees Our daily duties are calculating the approved amount of money which was requested by clubs or committees, and managing by recording data on the budget on our computer. Sometimes, we hold some briefing sessions to explain about the process of the approval to each treasurer, and a conference to show all the students the annual account settlement and draft budgets.


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Ⅵ.NDA (Notre Dame Action) Committee

NDA is the abbreviation for “Notre Dame Action”. Our main activity are Long-Legs student fund-raising, collecting bell mark, holding the Christmas party with Yahata School students and Hiroshima Gakuin students, cleaning Nishihiroshima station up, supporting action to Eastern japan and Madagascar, and so on. Please be interested in our activity and take part in it.





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Ⅴ. Committee for beautification

The member of committee for beautification usually copes with a problem about cleaning time. I have heard that there is no cleaning time in a foreign country. But Japan, the student clean own classroom and so there is committee for beatification in our school. There is some student who doesn’t clean. We will decrease them in this year.


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Ⅳ. Disciplinary Committee

We, members of the school committee, encourage all students to follow the school rules, and have good manners both inside and outside school. We make various plans and solve any problems in order to achieve this goal. It is difficult and hard for students to follow the rules and keep good manners and for us to alert students, but it is worth doing when the attitude of the students is improved with our plans.


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Ⅲ. Home Room Committee

We work hard to make each class the best class every day. The committee is held on Tuesday after school every week. In the committee, all members gather together, pool each class’s good points and bad points, and think of reform measures together. When one class has a problem, we all pool advice in order to help. Our main role is to work in each class, so we appeal to classmates not to be noisy, sleep in class, and to be ready one minute before the lesson and so on every day.


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Message from Akita

Hello! This is the first time to visit Seishin after graduation. My university is all English,
so I’m writing Japanese after a long time. Speaking is more important than writing and
reading in learning English,I think. Moreover,the ability to communicate is so important.
It is necessary to communicate with people to live. If you go out of Hirosima in the
future,dialect of Hiroshima is so popular with people from other prefectures.


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Ⅱ. Election Administration Committee

Our committee carried out the election of the student council to elect the student council president and vice-president. Also, we put trial election into action. It is very hard to work, but also challenging work.




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