Committee of our school.

I. Student Council Committee

Our committee usually works on activities about international exchange and peace operations in order that our students are able to participate in them actively. But we also work for whatever makes our school better. For example, we set up some suggestion boxes, and try to adopt opinions from the students. Here is the box for collecting opinions. It says, “I will listen to your voices.”



Please look forward to our blog being updated.

April 16, Naga High School students came from the Philippines. Here they are making a presentation about their country with traditional dancing and singing in front of the first-year students. It was very exciting. After that our students introduced things about our school, Japanese food, sports, and idols and so on. I wish they had a nice time to make friendship. I hope they will enjoy their time in our school.





Please look forward to our blog being updated.

Today the 1st-year junior high school students started their first full day of class.

Here they are in their English classes practicing pronunciation and self-introduction in English with their English teachers, Sr. Corripio and Mr. Mahood.  All paid close attention and made their best effort.  With such focus, they will learn quickly!

DSCN2543   DSCN2542

DSCN2536   DSCN2539