Sports Festival!! Part I

We held a sports festival on September 26th.


Second-year senior high school students’ activities were “a tug of war” and “a costume parade”. They had a tug of war in the morning. Two teams pulled hard against each other with a rope. Then, the yellow team won a close game with the white team.


Next, they had a costume parade in the afternoon. The contents of performance were very exciting and easy to understand. The appearance of various costumes was really attractive, too. The performance was wonderful!

We made a happy memory.


Please look forward to our blog being updated.


Drama Club

We are the drama club of junior high school. There are seventeen members in our club. We usually practice on Monday, Thursday and Saturday, but we practice every day just before we put on a play.


At the school festival, which was held at the end of May, we put on a comedy.



And we take part in a contest in summer every year.


By the way, last year we did a skit for improvement of students’ manners with SEIYUUKAI.


We express our thought through our play.

Please look forward to our blog being updated.