Catholic Club


We are the members of the Catholic Club.

The High School and Junior High School members meet every week on Friday.

We always read the Bible to understand it more deeply.

At Christmas we have a Mass and a Nativity play.

Last year we made a Japanese card game with Bible passages and played together.

In the card game we selected our favorite passages and also drew pictures.



We also sing hymns at school events and play the tone chimes at the Christmas play.

We made a video of ourselves practicing with tone chimes and showed it at a class assembly.


Thank you.

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String orchestra


We are members of the string orchestra.

What is the string orchestra?

I think some people have never heard of it.

It is made up of violins, violas, cellos and contrabass : the four stringed instruments.

Most of the club members are beginners, although they will be able to play anything after one year with the friendly guidance of the seniors.

We, the 35 junior high school students, are working with the high school students.

102 202

In May in the school festival, we were a great success playing film music and classical music, including music from STAR WARS and INDIANA JONES.

The first-year junior high school students who just joined our club in April, made their stage debut as a toy corps, such as playing the cuckoo whistle, water whistle and the triangle.


They played together with the other students.

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On September 4th, we (The Student Council) went to the Peace Memorial Park to guide some elementary school students from Tokyo. They visited Hiroshima on a school trip. We participated in the memorial ceremony and prayed for the victims with them.

We went to the Peace Memorial Museum during the summer vacation to study about Atomic Bomb in more detail. Guiding in the Peace Memorial Museum was very good not only for the students from Tokyo but also for us.

It’s impossible for a child like me to end wars by myself. However, if many children learn about the wars that happened in the past, we somehow will be able to prevent wars from happening again. We want to expand the circle of peace.


Please look forward to our blog being updated.