We held a welcome meeting for the junior high school on April 28th.

Originally, we were planning to go to Miyajima, but as it was rainy, we held the meeting in our school gym.

To welcome first-year students and strengthen our bond, we enjoyed playing 4 games.

During lunch time, we had lunch together in groups which were composed of junior high school third grade, second grade, and first grade students.

We got familiar with each other because we had games and exchanged snacks together.

This was an unforgettable day.

Reflecting on this time together will help with our next cross‐grade activity.

写真 2016中学審議Web


We, the Student Council, made preparations for the welcome meeting.

In the committee we talked about how to spend time, what games to do, and so on.

Particularly, the third graders in the committee worked hard, at various scenes including the game explanation.

In addition, 68 group leaders attended the group leader meeting and helped to gather members on the day.

The Class Committee, Discipline Committee, and Beautification Committee cooperated, too.

Teachers also helped us and joined in the games, too.

Thank you everyone!!!


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The new leaders of the Junior High School have been elected.

The former and new leaders gave speeches for all the students.


<President of the Student Council>

My name is Y. N.

I will try hard as the Student Council president this year.

We have done activities such as greetings and “cross grade activities.

But I want to try to do many new activities, too.

I look forward to your continued support.

<Vice-President of the Student Council>

How do you do?

I’m K. T. I became vice-president of the Student Council this year.

I’d like to do two things in Seishin this year: strengthen the bond of the

students and put the emphasis on a peace activities.

I’ll do my best through the year. Thank you.

<Vice-President of the Student Council>

Nice to meet you!

My name is M. H. I was recently elected vice president of our council.

My goal in the first semester is that all the students have good manners and greet each other.

I’ll do my best!

Thank you very much.


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School Festival Part Ⅲ


We are “Kichihon Shinkigeki”.

“Kichihon Shinkigeki” is a club that has just established.

We do a comedy drama.

All the members (29 students) study every day how to make our audience smile and laugh.

We did comedy drama in our school festival on May 29th.

Thanks to a large number of people coming to see us, the lecture hall was full of big smiles!

This picture shows Curtain call.

Thank you very much, everybody who came to see our drama!


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